Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite
Celebrated at 9:30am Sundays and Noon on Holy Days
Music by the Schola Cantorum

Why the Latin Mass?

Are you curious about the Latin Mass?

Do you wonder why people are attracted to its mystery... its reverence... its transcendence?

Would you like to attend the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite Mass?

Then come celebrate it with us every Sunday at St. Odilo Church in Berwyn, IL.

Here's what our Pastor, Fr. Anthony Brankin, says about the Latin Mass:

* * * * * * *

The Mass — particularly in the Extraordinary (Latin) Form ... proclaims at every turn and with every syllable that there is communication on a deeper level than ever could be achieved with words or digits or cyphers in space. The Mass – even though it uses words – is essentially wordless. ...

The Mass — so well highlighted by this Solemn High Ceremony – teaches without books and without lessons, without screens and PowerPoints. It teaches by means of Presence and Beauty and sight and sound. And what does it teach? Love. And could anyone say that love needs words and paragraphs and punctuation to be understood?

The words of the Mass are the conduit of hearts. The Mass eschews typical ways of learning and understanding and communicating, and uses ritual and music and sense.

We have always heard that it is the Mass that matters. Not the sermons, not the homilies, nor even the readings or hymns — not any of the peripheral business to which we have all become so accustomed to in the last forty-five years.

The Mass is the ensemble of a thousand individual elements taken together — seen as a whole — appreciated as one moment — and gathered together in an intuitive surprise.

The Mass — every Mass — any Mass – is the center point of the universe. It is the sacrifice on a cross – of the God made man. What more is there? What more could there be than to know that everything in life — is simply a prelude to the moment where God out of love once and for all died for us — and at every Mass — out of love — sacrifices Himself again.

(Abridged from an article by Fr. Anthony Brankin, of St. Odilo Church, Berwyn)

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