Mr. Dan Cossa- 4th Grade

4th Grade is a full year of intermediate academic and social skill development that will have a large influence on how well each student is able to prepare themselves for the more demanding academic skills and goals that the upper levels will ultimately require. Students in 4th grade will need to master making good use of their time and working more independently. Cooperative group work skills, reliability, and following though on both individual and group responsibilities will also be essential to the success of each student. All academic subjects are taught in 4th grade with an emphasis on developing literacy through reading, writing, and mathematical skills using all sorts of literature including science and social science expository texts. The 4th Grade is a key year in setting the tone for the rest of each student's academic career and this time frame also has the potential to have a profound influence how well students will succeed in life. It is very important for all students to develop good habits in all areas of their life at this age.

Mr. Daniel Cossa has worked with learners in many subject areas from early years development to college age students for over twenty years. Mr. Cossa received his teacher education training from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois with a bachelors degree in History and endorsements in Anthropology, Sociology, and Political Science. In more recent years Mr. Cossa returned to school to get a masters degree as a reading specialist and now also has endorsements in both English Second Language and Special Education. Mr. Cossa also has international experience with two teaching assignments in Ukraine and one in England. This is the second time Mr. Cossa has worked at Saint Odilo School. From 1999-2003 Mr. Cossa worked as a teacher of grades 5-8 and is now currently teaching 4th grade back here at Saint Odilo School. Before returning back to Saint Odilo School in 2015, Mr. Cossa's most recent experience was working with high school students. This experience has helped Mr. Cossa see the direction that younger students need to prepare for so they can reach their goals by the time they are high school age. The experiences of Mr. Cossa have also helped direct students to see the big picture or more broad perspectives within our community, society, and even the world. Mr. Cossa is always looking for ways to improve and help his students become better citizens and better people.