Ms. Patricia Meza- 1st Grade

Saint Odilo First Grade

First grade is an exciting year where your child will become more independent as they continue to develop their love for learning. Your first grader will take on more responsibilities and be able to apply their knowledge to the world around them. First grade is an extremely critical year which will allow your child to expand their reading and writing skills. During this year, your child is going to transition into developing greater academic skills.
Throughout the year, The Superkids Reading Program will continue to be implemented in the daily routine. First graders will become better readers, spellers and writers. We will be practicing our letter sounds, blending new words and discover spelling patterns in engaging stories. Students will also be writing about their own thoughts and ideas.
Some of the math skills that your child will develop this year include addition/subtraction concepts and strategies, graphing, place value, measurement, time and 2-D/3-D shapes. Social Studies and Science themes include plants, animals, animal homes, communities, geography, economics, history, citizenship and much more! Your child will also be attending mass every Tuesday. They will also continue practicing the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Sign of the Cross.

Miss Patricia Meza

Patricia Meza is a recent graduate from Saint Mary's College located in Notre Dame, Indiana. She graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and minors in English as a Second Language and Early Childhood Education. Although Miss Meza is just beginning her teaching career, she has a lot of experience working with a range of students of all ability levels. "Teaching is beyond rewarding. It is amazing to see my students grow on a daily basis and be so eager to learn. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of the Saint Odilo community."