2016 - 2017 School Board

The primary objective of the School Board shall be to promote the excellence of religious and academic education of the parish community by providing advice and counsel to the pastor and principal of the school and to serve as an appropriate channel for the parish community to communicate interest, concern and suggestion regarding school policy.

School Board Members
President~ Lena Cole
Vice President ~ Mary Holton
Secretary- Elbia Carrera
Tuley Ruzicka
Francis Roybal
Raulinda Sierrra
Joe McGuire
Elbia Uribe

Ex. Officio Members
Bill Donegan
Father Brankin

Meetings are held every 1st Wednesday of the month in the school library at 7pm.

September 2nd
October 7th
November 4th
December 2nd
January 6th
February 3rd
March 1st
April 5th
May 3rd
June 7th-last meeting of the school year


St. Odilo School Board Monthly Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2016 @7pm in the library
In Attendance: Fr. Brankin, Bill Donegan, Lena Cole, Mary Holton, Tuley Ruzicka, Joe McGuire, and Elbia Carrera
Members Absent: Raulinda Sierra and Frances Roybal
Opening Prayer: Fr. Brankin
Call to Order: 7:00pm
Approval of Minutes: Joe and Mary w/name correction
Old Business:
Sub-Committee to handle volunteer hours set up a meeting date between now and February (meet once every trimester). Joe sent Lena a tracking option that can be discussed at the next meeting. Mr. Donegan gave Mary the go ahead to share family information and hours volunteered so far at the next meeting.
New Business:
PTC Updates:
Breakfast with Santa was held December 4th and went very well. A big thank you went out to all the volunteers that made it possible. They hope they can do it again next year.
Open House is to be held in January 29th. They hope to have tables set up downstairs in the basement like last year for all the groups.
Catholic School Week Special Lunches coming up. The first one is February 2nd for the students. February 3rd is the teacher luncheon.
Mother Son Bowling Event will be Sunday, February 19th 2017 at Striker Lanes in Berwyn from 2pm-4pm.
Mary inquired about PTC using some of the money raised to fix the stage area in the basement (curtains). They would need permission to have someone come out and measure. Also they would like to paint and redo the pillars. Father Brankin said they would need to be a bid on that. An idea for the pillars that PTC had was to paint them and use removable Velcro mats that can be utilized for gym class.
Father Brankin would want to see some ideas and budgets to get some things done in the basement to make it more appealing for events. He wants to use some of the money pledged through Teach Trough Christ Campaign.
Tuley inquired about air conditioning. Father Brankin responded that it would cost about $35k just to change the electricity and another $100K/$150K to put an air conditioner and that would only be for the basement. $30K/$35K were given to the school by an Illinois grant since they were not able to do the air conditioning, fans were added to the building.
Lena questioned if Open House was a school responsibility to which Mr. Donegan responded, that it was marketing, secretary, and the principle. Lena had some questions that Raulinda had. Those questions were given to Mr. Donegan.’
Frances had some concerned that she voiced to Lena about lunches. Lena mentioned that some students were under the impression they would receive a lunch card and they would not. Lena brought up this concern to Gerry. She was upset because she said it has to do with how the parents fill out/or don’t fill out the form. Mr. Donegan assured her that the kids get a lunch, it may not be something they like but they are not left without food. The parents are not filling out the forms correctly or at all sometimes and since it is a subsidized program they need the forms.
Lena also asked about high school list of open house dates. Mr. Donegan mentioned that there’s a list that goes out to the 7th and 8th graders. They also have high school day in September. The school sends out representatives and he students fill out forms if they are interested in a particular school. If someone is interest in a particular school they are encouraged to visit that school’s website for more information.
Principal’s Report:
Tuition rate forms were passed out for the following year. They had a conversation with the Turn Around Team and the decision was made to keep rates the same. Some corrections need to be made to the form before they go out.
Open House Marketing Director Ruby mentioned they have approval for relevant radio ads to promote open house (public and Spanish radio). They will also try to place ads in the Catholic Newspaper. The ad will also be placed in other parish’s bulletin. Direct marketing will go out to Baptism families and CCD. It will also be going to other parish’s CCD families. Parent ambassadors and student council will be attending open house to facilitate anyone interested in taking a tour of the school and/or support in the open house. Some alumni may also attend (not confirmed on the number).
Lena inquired about school board setting up their table and helping out. Mr. Donegan responded the tables could be set up but the school board would not be needed like in previous years.
Book Fair will be set up downstairs like the previous year. Some help may be needed to set up.
There are 3 new students coming in to the school.
ASPIRE test results will come out in March/April. Last year’s results came back online and it was a different format. Results are analyzed by teachers and they provide a report to the Chicago Archdiocese (information is a year behind). Mr. Donegan can provide some results show the students are meeting bench marks and are on track for college.
Pastor’s Report:
Father Brankin they made it through December and survived. The re-enactment was done 5 times for the parish. They did a wonderful job.
Sunday collection is down and he’s sure the Archdiocese will talk to him about that.
Father mentioned he always questions the Turn Around Team about Big Shoulders help, he never gets a responds. Father says if St. Odilo had Big Shoulders tuition would be about half.
Teach through Christ goal was $775K they are over $800K pledge over a period of 5 years. 60% of that money stays at the parish. Father would like to use some money to renovate the basement (kitchen, cabinets, walls, pillars, pluming). The lighting and asphalt in the parking lot was fixed with part of the money. So he would like to see some ideas. He mentions the church needs a new paint job, flooring, and carpet.
Tuley mentioned getting input from Raulinda. Terese mentioned getting input from Gerry and Mrs. Lee for the basement.
Open Forum:
Terese attended to talk about open house but she will follow up with PTC.
Lena asks once again if they need any help. Some suggestions were made about helping with the book fair and tables. They were unsure, Mr. Donegan and Ruby would discuss. Mr. Donegan mentioned he just makes sure the marketing part of it is taken care of. Anything else can be discussed. A new video may be displayed at open house.
Raffle Winners:
$500- Erick Palomino $50- Georgina Alejos
$200-Hilda Aldrete $50-Noel Mendoza
$500- Mayte Carrera $50- Ivanna
$200-Ms. Alice Smolc $50-Moira Mendez

Meeting Adjourned: 7:48pm Motioned by Mary and Joe.

St. Odilo School Board Monthly Meeting Minutes
October 5, 2016 @7pm in the library
In Attendance: Bill Donegan, Tuley Ruzicka, Lena Cole, Mary Holton, Raulinda Sierra, Joe McGuire, and Elbia Carrera
Members Absent: Fr. Brankin and Frances Roybal
Opening Prayer: Lena Cole
Call to Order: 7:04pm
Approval of Minutes: Joe and Mary
Old Business:
Volunteer Hours subcommittee will meet Wednesday, October 12th at 7pm in the library. After the meeting Mr. Donegan will be emailed what was discussed. Then subcommittee will have to present a proposal at a future board meeting that states: purpose of the meeting and what the suggestions are.
New Business:
PTC Updates:
5K Run was cancelled due to lack of participation. Most sponsors were notified. The sponsors notified have said to keep the money for the school or for a specific area (no known specific reason as to why people did not sign up).
Anti- Bullying Month was kicked off October 3rd Mrs. Lee had all the kids assemble in the parking lot to create a ring to pledge against bullying. They also signed posters that they will be hanging up. On October 10th there will be some movies being showed to the kids:
Grades 1 -3 will watch David and Goliath (14min)
Grades 4-5 will watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Cheese Touch
Grades 6-8 will watch God’s Not Dead 2
Chick –Fil-A will be offering a special lunch at a discount for the students. Joe raised a concern that that Chick-Fil-A uses refined peanut oil. Some kids may still have a reaction if they are allergic peanuts depending on severity. Mr. Donegan instructed Ruby to find an alternative for those kids.
Saver’s Donation will be held October 22nd from 12pm-12:30pm. Sign Up Genius had three spots for volunteering and the spots were filled. For the previous Savers most people came the day of to drop off their donation. If they were early they left the items by the school or at the church.
Mother Son Event a date has not been set. A meeting will soon occur for details. November 13th was a possible date. If that does not work it would be in January. An idea would be a Mother Son Bowling event. AMF Forest Lanes in Lyons and Striker Lanes in Berwyn were contacted for information.
Pancake Breakfast with Santa will be held December 4th from 8am-1pm after mass.
A note will be going home requesting donations for Christmas decorations. Student Council will be donating toys for Santa to hand to the kids that attend. Pictures will be available at a cost. The event will be open to the parish. A planning committee will have to be formed for this event.
Next PTC Meeting will be held October 19th.
PTC voted on bylaws to use this year. PTC Bylaws will be submitted to Mr. Donegan and emailed to the rest of the board members.
Parent Ambassador is a recruiter for the school. Its purpose is to go out into the community and promote St. Odilo.
The first meeting was held on September 22nd. Seven people attended and joined. Later in that week an additional 4 joined. The ambassadors seemed motivated. They all have different availability hours.
On December 12th they will be set up a table to meet possible prospective families after mass. Some other prospective s would be the CCD students, attending other neighboring churches, and movies nights at the park.
Any interested families would be invited to attend open house and possibly shadow. Parent Ambassadors would want to help with open house. A meeting will be set up between now and December to discuss open house. An idea would be to have Student Council help as well as high school students that need service hours. (Raulinda pointed out that Alumni students would be more beneficial since they can talk about their experience at St. Odilo). Ruby felt there were not enough people last year to help.
Elbia asked if there was a specific goal to which Ruby said they will be discussing it.
There is an inquiry form online that goes directly to Ruby. There has been a lot of interest being shown for the school in particular Pre K. Pre K is being estimated at 13/14 for next year.
Lena inquired what the school’s selling point is, what is St. Odilo better at that no other school can provide? Mr. Donegan answered, “Academic Excellence, Catholic Faith, and Partnership”. Raulinda mentioned when having a presence what are the things that the ambassadors can/will say to make St. Odilo attractive. Mr. Donegan mentioned the ambassadors would have to be coached.
The ambassadors have young kids in the school and will have some commitment.
Lena was interested to know if one of the opportunities is that we have students that speak Spanish and teachers that do not speak Spanish. Mr. Donegan clarified that St. Odilo does not teach bilingual education and we have students that only speak one language. The school has teachers that are versed in bilingual education but do not speak two languages. Bilingual education means you know how teach to a child that speaks two languages. The idea of parents knowing that St. Odilo has teachers that can help the students with two languages may entice new families.
Principal’s Report:
Leadership Manual for Catholic School Advisory Boards Packet was handed out and highlighted the following pages in the table of contents: pg 4, 7, 8, 10, 20, 21, 24-26.
There are two types of boards:
Limited Jurisdiction- which find the business community, invite them to be a board, and they are enlisted to create events and donate money.
Advisory- which is what St. Odilo has and has. They must follow the mission of the Catholic Church. References to page 4, 1st paragraph, 3rd sentence and paragraph 4.
When dealing with the public/people that say things. You always want to assume positive intentions and take an inquiry stance. You may ask clarifying questions but as a board member you are not going to fix their problem. It’s really about knowing who to direct that person to. Do not engage in particular incidents just forward them to Mr. Donegan.
Areas of Responsibilities found on page 7.
Areas not Responsible found on page 8. – The board is not a grievance committee. The board cannot fix it because the board does not have the evidence and must abstain from commenting.
Code of Ethics found on page 10
Some Hints for the Chair found on page 20.
Visitors Attending Advisory Board Meeting found on page 21. – How to handle visitors. Visitors normally do not receive an agenda or minutes. They are also not allowed to talk until open forum. (Tuley mentioned the little to no visitors throughout the years and possible reasons why they do not attend and ways to get participation e.i. Friday flyer or form).
Evaluating Advisory Board Effectiveness found on page 24-26.
Mr. Donegan suggested we all read it over. If questions arise or need clarifications let him know. The Internal Effectiveness of the Board Evaluation is a document the board produces. This will help formulate goals for the following year.
Pastor’s Report:
Father Brankin emailed Lena to let everyone know the following meeting to be held on November 2nd is also All Souls Day Mass. If possible to reschedule to the following week, all agreed the meeting will be held November 9th.
Open Forum:
Joe inquired about a follow up about the Weaver Consultants Group that did the led testing in the school and the areas that were high. Mr. Donegan called and he was told everything was fine and the school was not at risk. The school was within limits/guidelines.
Joe mentioned Mrs. Lacoco nominated three kids and Joe’s daughter was chosen for the National Youth Leadership Forum held in Loyola.
Elbia question/concern about the 4th graders picking/dropping off letters to the rectory right before lunch school hours. She wanted to know if someone would watch them as they crossed the street and if the parents knew they were leaving. Mr. Donegan said they could end that process. A suggestion was made about possibly the 8th graders going to the rectory. Mr. Donegan said they would just send a maintenance/staff member.
Raulinda wanted to know if we covered the Anti-Bullying and the covers for the windows. Mr. Donegan mentioned that the fire department went to the school and they were not sure what kind of glass clear/opaque the school should have. They took photos and said they would have a meeting to find out.
Lena brought up the book from the Berwyn mayor. There was clarification that the girl abducted would be speaking at Morton West. This would be for the parents to attend. The school will have someone come in and talk to the students about cyber bullying.
Raffle Winners:
$500- Jose Malaquias $50- Rafael Barajas
$200-Lizette Garcia $50-Pedro Ramirez sold by Mia

Meeting Adjourned: 8:22pm Motioned by Joe and second by Mary.