St. Odilo Jr. High Science/Reading
The 6th, 7th, & 8th grade classes will focus on following the Chicago Archdiocesan Science Curriculum through the use of the Scientific Method. Students will learn the seven steps for experimentation as a way of problem solving. Each year, the study of the three main branches of science - life, earth, and physical - will help them develop their natural curiosity at the microscopic, macroscopic, and global levels. Through these interconnected systems, the students will be presented with appropriate lab and research activities that correspond with their daily readings. They will also be encouraged to bring activities to share with their classmates about specific topics that they might have a special interest in. Each child is offered many opportunities to go beyond what we do in class.

In Reading, we will be using a literature based series of readings to further our understanding of life situations. Also a systems thinking approach will be introduced to help students realize systems really are interconnected throughout their classroom topics of Science, Language Arts, Literature, Social Studies, Math, and Catholic Religious Studies. All are interrelated systems of understanding, with our Catholic Faith as the basis.

Mrs. Beverly Fiala

Beverly Fiala has seen St. Odilo from the perspective of both a teacher and a parent. “Both my daughters have been students at Catholic schools from grade school to college, starting at St. Odilo. Their faith is very important to them and they have made me very proud.” For over 22 years, Mrs. Fiala guided students in 5th through 8th grade Science and 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Reading/Literature. “I believe learning should be a process of discovery. I try to make learning fun and exciting, especially since Science and Literature can be a lot of hard work for Junior High students. Plenty of specimens, hands on “toys”, field trips and learning celebrations make learning fun and exciting.” She sees the students and their parents as a blessing to the school and to her life. “ When the last child in a family graduates, it is always a bittersweet occasion.”

Mrs. Fiala holds a B.A. in Elementary Education and Psychology with State of Illinois endorsements in General Science, Language Arts, and Social Science from The University of Illinois at Chicago. She has also earned an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Aurora University.