St. Odilo 6th Grade
Junior High English Language Arts classes focus on improving the students' knowledge of grammar and writing in its various forms. Strong communication skills are paramount in paving the way for each student in academia as well as day to day life. The students will continue to navigate through the structure and rules that govern the English language. They will also apply this knowledge to both informal and formal writing assignments throughout the course of the year.

Sixth and seventh grade Social Studies encompasses world history, map skills, and societal development. Students will study how world history is affected by maps and time, memory, human migration, agricultural and urban revolutions, belief systems, the order of early societies, and the influence of the Catholic faith.

Ms. Kelie Fiala

Ms. Fiala received her bachelor's degree in English from Illinois State University. She went on to get her teaching certificate in education for grades six through twelve from Benedictine University with endorsements in Language Arts, Social Science, Science, and Spanish. She is currently attending Lewis University, having received an endorsement in teaching English as second language and working toward completing her Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction.

Her teaching philosophy is one that is student-centered. She believes it is important to be flexible in her approach to educating students, ensuring that all learning styles are met. She is committed to supporting adolescents in their growth, not only as students, but as members of the community.