St. Odilo 6th Grade
Junior High English Language Arts classes focus on improving the students’ knowledge of grammar, writing, and analysis. Strong communication skills are paramount in paving the way for each student in academia as well as day to day life. Students will apply these lessons to both informal and formal writing and audiovisual assignments throughout the course of the year.

Sixth and seventh grade Social Studies encompasses world history, map skills, and societal and cultural development. Students will study how world history is affected by maps and time, memory, human migration, agricultural and urban revolutions, belief systems, the order of early societies, and the influence of the Catholic faith. We also place a strong influence on current events and understanding history’s impact on modern society and culture.

Ms. Moira Bonadonna

Ms. Bonadonna is a recent college graduate who spent a year in Spain as an assistant teacher and tutor. She considers travel paramount, and is always on the lookout for her next adventure. Her love of visiting other places and learning about them is instilled in another important part of her identity: the teacher. It is her hope to imprint the same sense of curiosity about the world and our roles in it that she has into the minds of her students.

Ms. Bonadonna received her bachelors’ degrees in English and Adolescent to Young Adult Education from the University of Dayton.