St. Odilo 5th Grade
Fifth Grade is a wonderful transition year. They will be preparing for Junior High, therefore they will have more student-directed rather than teacher-directed activities. They will learn about the Presidents of the United States, how to write a proper letter, and how to enjoy poetry. Also, they will need to take on more responsibility, enjoy a snowball fight, and cook something delicious for all of us! In fifth grade your child will learn to be spontaneous and enjoy whatever presents itself each day!

Mrs. Darlene Wodarczyk

For almost 36 years, Darlene Wodarczyk has taught a variety of grades at St. Odilo School. “I have been a member of this parish for 45 years. I have remained a member of this faculty because I have a strong belief in Catholic education. I feel parents of our students share in this belief and the values we instill in their children.” Her husband, as well as their three daughters, are all Odilo alumni. Mrs. Wodarczyk feels the satisfaction of seeing children’s smiles associated with a task well done. “All students need is a calm voice, a smile, and encouragement, and they will succeed.” Mrs. Wodarczyk has a Bachelor's Degree with Language Arts/ Social Studies emphasis and continues to attend workshops and conferences, always open to new ideas for the classroom. She’s taught long enough to attend the weddings of former students. “When the student becomes an adult and invites you to their wedding. You then know you must have done something good!”