St. Odilo Kindergarten
Welcome to Kindergarten! I believe Kindergarten is the most wonderful year a child will have. My goal is for each child to develop a lifelong love of learning and school. We focus on literacy(reading/writing) and math readiness skills that will provide the foundation of their learning journey. Since adopting the Superkids Reading Program, many of our Kindergarten Kids are reading by the end of the school year.

Our calendar time and hands-on math activities provide children with math concepts that relate to their world. Many of our Science and Social Studies units are designed around themes they enjoy, while still building our literacy and math skills.

We use the Sadlier Religion Series, We Believe, and attend Tuesday Mass during the second semester.

Throughout the year, we still learn through play each and every day! In addition to our classroom learning, the children also attend special classes which include Music, Library, Computer and Gym. Kindergarten academics and social skills are also reinforced by our many fun events and activities such as our field trips, class books, Child of the Week and special snack...just to name a few! The growth of each child can be seen in a special Memory Book which is received on the last day of school.

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Mrs. Kathleen Mullen

Kathleen Mullen brings a true love of learning to the classroom. Although she has taught multiple grades, the 2015-2016 school year marks the eighteenth year teaching Kindergarten, her favorite grade. In addition to a B.A. in Elementary Education and Math/Science, Mrs. Mullen continues her own education through workshops and conferences which inspire new classroom ideas. The Class Book Program continues to grow, where she and the students made a book each week. Books relate to the themes being taught, field trips, holidays, etc. Each student was able to take home each book and share it with family. This really allows the families to get to know the other students and to be a part of our classroom. “I have always received such great support and cooperation from the Saint Odilo families. I still keep in touch with some of my former students from long ago.” Families return the sentiment, treasuring the Memory Book, a combination of photos and classroom projects compiled throughout the year, Mrs. Mullen compiles for every Kindergarten graduate.